3 Reasons you need Travel Insurance on your Winter Holiday

Like many Australians looking to escape the winter chill (or even take advantage of it), you might be planning to head out of the country for a break from the hubbub of modern life. While it may seem like an unnecessary additional cost, the reality is that travel insurance should be part and parcel of any global adventurer’s holiday package.

Here are just three reasons why you need it.

1) Medical

If you’re deciding to head out to somewhere like New Zealand for a skiing holiday, you’ll likely be aware of the reciprocal medical agreement that we have with our cousins over the pond. If you get hurt during your adventures, you are entitled to subsidised medical assistance in a lot of cases.

However, there is one thing that the reciprocal health agreement doesn’t cover – emergency transport. This comes to the fore in particular when you consider the geography of a mountain peak. It’s pretty tough for an ambulance to travel in such a landscape! In these cases, you might even need to be air-lifted, something that comes with a hefty price tag in Aotearoa.

With the right travel insurance package, you should find that these costs are covered for you. At least then you won’t have the additional worry of your savings account as well as your injuries.

2) Baggage

Baggage and luggage can be a constant source of concern while you are on holiday. Dragging it around, making sure there’s room for it on your transport, keeping it safe from unscrupulous individuals – but mistakes sometimes happen.

For example, even the most professional of baggage handlers can end up misplacing your bag. In fact, there were 23.1 million bags mishandled in 2015 according to SITA. If you’re going on a winter holiday, this can be even more of a problem, as snow gear tends to be tailored to your use and can be very expensive to replace.

Such a disaster could put an end to your holiday as soon as you arrive, but with the right travel insurance package, you could find yourself covered enough for this to be just a blip on the radar. With the financial backing that insurance provides, you may get what you need replaced without needing to worry about the additional sums being drawn from your transaction account.

3) Cancellations

No matter how good the airline you fly with is, it’s inevitable that, at some point, there are going to be delays or even outright cancellations. It’s far better to need to change your flights than to fly through a dangerous storm after all. While it can be frustrating, it can also be just the first of a series of dominoes that can end your holiday before it even begins.

Hotels, activities, and other time-relevant bookings can all rely on your plane arriving at the right time. If your flight is put off by even a few hours, it can end up creating a serious issue for your overall plan. Last year, only about 1.6 per cent of flights in Australia were cancellations according to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, but that is little relief for anyone who finds themselves frantically calling up their hotels to try and shift their booking time!

Travel insurance can mitigate this kind of issue with the right policy, ensuring that if an unexpected issue crops up such as illness, injury or forces outside your control, you won’t have the monetary damage on your mind.

So there you have it: injury and incident, cancellations and misplaced luggage – all could be solved through the use of travel insurance. However, the exact efficacy depends on the wording of your insurance package itself. Make sure you get the right advice for your needs from the team at Border Bank!