NPP Now Live – Intermittent Issues

Border Bank is now live with the New Payments Platform, which allows near real time payments, this is an industry based initiative with many banks coming online this morning.

Issues with transfers
We are seeing many successful transactions with various banks but there are reports of some banks not being able to accept NPP payments. Some Members may be experiencing issues making and receiving external transfers/payments and receiving a notification that their payment was unsuccessful. We expect that there will be some intermittent issues with some payments as banks come online with the new service.
If you experience this issue please follow the instructions below to make a Standard Payment (see below).

How do I make a Standard Payment (Standard Transfer)?
Login to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking (option not available in the Police Bank App)

Internet Banking Mobile Banking
1.       Click on “Transfer” 1.       Click on “Payment”
2.       Fill in transfer details 2.       Click on “Standard Payment”
3.       Click on “Standard Transfer” in the “Transfer Type” 3.       Fill in transfer details
4.       Click on “Next” 4.       Click on “Next”
5.       Check details are correct, click on “Confirm” 5.       Check details are correct, click on “Confirm”