Account Security Reminder

Border Bank takes account security very seriously so we partner with leading system, security and fraud experts to help protect your funds and account details.

Despite this focus, there is an ever increasing threat as potential security and fraud attempts get smarter and more frequent which means we need to remain vigilant to identify these risks.

To help us unite against these risks please take note of these following tips;

  1. Regularly check your account balances and statements to ensure there are no fraudulent or unauthorised transactions and report any suspicious activity to us immediately.
  2. Please ensure your cards are kept secure because lost or stolen cards are a real security risk.. If you misplace your card, you can temporarily block transactions via the Border Bank App. If you do think your card is lost or stolen, report this to us as soon as possible.
  3. If you are travelling overseas, please tell us you plans. This helps us identify suspect transactions if your account or card are compromised.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to your account security, call our Contact Centre on 132 267.

If you notice any fraudulent or unintended transactions on your account call us as soon as possible:

Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm
Local: 132 267
International: +61 2 9287 0888

Outside of Business Hours
Local: 1300 705 750 (Option 3)
International: +61 2 8299 9534