Important CEO Announcement

The Chairman of Police Bank, David Walton, officially announced today the retirement of CEO Bruce Williams effective 19th February 2016, and the appointment of Tony Taylor as the Bank’s new CEO commencing Monday 22nd February 2016.

Bruce leaves Police Bank after 26 years of distinguished service having served as CEO since March 1997. Prior to his CEO appointment he served as Chief Financial Officer.

During Bruce’s time at the helm, the Bank has experienced significant achievements. Notably, these include, the transition from a Credit Union to a Mutual Bank, the growth in assets from $200million to around $1.5billion, increased capital strength, the introduction of new products and services and expansion of the Branch network and distribution channels.

The Board wishes to acknowledge Bruce’s contribution and the solid foundations he has laid for the future of Police Bank. The Chairman, on behalf of the Board wishes Bruce and his wife all the best in retirement.

Introducing… Our New Chief Executive Officer… Mr Tony Taylor

The Board is delighted that Tony has accepted the role of CEO. The Board is confident that under his leadership the Bank will enjoy continued success.

Tony has held senior executive roles in the financial services sector for the last 16 years and brings a significant understanding of retail banking in Australia to Police Bank. Most recently, as CFO at CUA (Australia’s largest financial services mutual), Tony lead its financial transformation and built an excellent team that delivered the finance, treasury, legal, board and governance skills & responsibilities required of a growing ADI in today’s competitive market.

Prior to that, Tony was CFO Retail at Bankwest where he spent six years improving the financial management of the Retail Division and supporting the east coast expansion program. He played a leading role through the challenges of the GFC and the Commonwealth Bank acquisition.

With strong commercial experience and a deep commitment to the mutual ethos, Tony brings the strategic skills to enhance Police Bank’s strong customer & financial base. Tony enjoys building quality teams and he looks forward to further developing Police Bank’s strong relationships with alliance partners and the Police and Border Family.

Tony has been married to Therese for 30 years this week and they have two sons, Jacob and Lucas, and a collection of golf clubs, tennis racquets and road bikes to show for their life together. Tony is (sadly or otherwise) a committed Rabbitohs supporter who lives within eyesight of Redfern Oval.

The Board warmly welcomes Tony and look forward to working with him.

David Walton, Chairman
On behalf of the Board