Register for electronic statements today!

Have you considered changing to electronic statements (eStatements)? It’s the easier, faster and more secure way to receive your monthly or quarterly statements.

eStatements are a convenient way to access your transaction activity allowing you to view and store electronically so you don’t have to keep a mountain of paper statements. And you will be greatly helping our environment by using less paper and reducing wastage!

With paper statements you need to wait a few days for printing and postage, however with eStatements you will be able to view your statements much faster. Once the statement is ready you will receive an email confirmation to login and view your statement anytime you like.

Using eStatements instead of paper statements can also add another level of security as you can only access your eStatement with a personalised user name and password, unlike opening a letter. Plus, to ensure that all your details are fully protected, eStatements are housed within a secure site which is protected by a range of measures from firewalls to data encryption.

Registration is easy, just call our Contact Centre on 132 267.