The biggest home buyer turn-offs (and how to solve them)

Looking to sell your home but don’t know how to make a great impression on your buyers? Check out these three easy ways to make sure you present your property in the best way property, and give buyers a reason to spend their home loan on your house!

1) Killing the odour

Sometimes it takes a little bit of technicality to sell a home, so let’s consider what’s called “sensory adaptation”. When you see, feel or smell something all the time, you end up getting used to it and ignoring it. The human nose can detect even tiny hints of a perfume, but as soon as you are around it all day, it quickly fades.

What this means is that you may get used to the smell of your home, but prospective buyers won’t have that opportunity! Throw open the windows and doors, invest in some odour eliminators (not coverers, these can just make it worse) and consider keeping the pets primarily in a spare room or elsewhere entirely for at least a few days before the open home.

2) Remember the exterior

When it comes to food, the first bite is with the eye, and the same can be said of selling your home. Nobody wants to arrive at what could be their new home and glance about in horror at a dying garden or peeling paint.

‘Kerb appeal’ is your first opportunity to demonstrate to buyers that this is a well-maintained property with no structural issues waiting to be discovered. And that’s an impression that can be improved with a lick of paint and a bit of green thumbery.

3) Keep out the clutter

Presenting your home for sale is all about trying to show buyers the best side of your property. While you might not mind a few magazines here and there, a few dirty dishes in the sink or some pet toys strewn across the carpet, your buyers will.

Clean as you go in the kitchen, buy a box for the dog toys and consider hiring a deep clean vacuum for the carpets. A little bit of extra sparkle can make your home truly shine to prospective buyers.

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