Updated ID requirements for Branch Transactions

From Monday 20th November 2017 we will be revising the identification requirements when making transactions at our Branches.

The new requirements will require anyone attending Branches to conduct a cash and cheque deposit and withdrawals, any external transfers and any balance enquiries.

You can use any of the following options to be identified:

  1. Swiping your Border Bank Visa Debit Card, Credit Card or rediCard and entering your PIN on the terminal; or
  2. Producing current Photo ID, such as a Driver Licence, Passport or a Proof of Age card; or
  3. For Members who are NSW Police, AFP, Department of Immigration and Border Protection employees, by producing your current warrant/ID card.

We have updated our Financial Services Guide to explain this change. The updated FSG can be found here and you can request that a copy is provided to you for your reference.