What will people find in their stockings this year?

The biggest shopping period of the year is upon us! You are probably right in the middle of your gift purchasing. If you want to spend large this season but would rather not eat into your savings account, don’t forget the award winning Border Bank Visa Credit Card.

So, what can people expect to receive from Santa this year?

All fun and games… and clothing… and perfume

Looking at findings from Roy Morgan Research, as well as in-house data, the ARA has forecast that fun for the kids will be on the minds of many buyers. Children’s outdoor games and toys are predicted to be the most highly bought gift this year, sensibly followed by indoor games and toys.

And what can adults hope to see in their red stockings?

The ARA says that the purchase of women’s dresses increased by 101 per cent over the Christmas period in 2014, compared to the rest of the year. The boosted sale for men’s trousers, shorts and pants over this period was equally strong. Furthermore, the sales growth of perfume and aftershave also jumped by 77 per cent last holiday season.

Perhaps these findings have given you some ideas on what you could get this Christmas?

Electronic age

On top of all this, ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman says that electronics and technology products will bring in plenty of revenue for retailers. Comparing data from 2013 and 2014, Australia experienced a 109 per cent spike in phones and accessories sales over Christmas, and a 92 per cent increase for personal entertainment items and cameras.

And don’t forget that these days, there is also a plethora of non-physical gifts you can buy online. A December 2 release by Roy Morgan Research shows that downloadable music, eBooks and movies are all popular products Australians have been purchasing on the internet.

As you can see, there are all sorts of gifts you can scoop up for your loved ones this festive season. If you need credit for some extra gifts in the stocking, or even a bigger purchase like a new TV, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Border Bank.