Social Clubs / Community Accounts

Border Bank is committed to supporting our Border Community by offering Social Club accounts that help with the banking for your community initiatives.

Are you looking to open an account to help your sports group or social club or charity

It’s simple, follow the steps below to open your account:



If you are a member, complete an Associations Cooperatives Social Clubs Membership Application (PDF).

We require the following information:

  • full name of the association or club
  • full address of their principal place of administration 
  • full name of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer or equivalent Officer/s.



For your application to be successfully processed, you must provide the following:

  • If your group is incorporated we’ll need your certificate of incorporation or a certificate of registration.
  • If your group is not incorporated  you must provide a copy of the minutes of meeting that authorises opening the account or constitution or rules of the association. 
  • If this is a charitable group, we’ll need your Authority to Fundraise. 

Ensure you list the signatories to the account and how many signatories are required to transact.

The minutes should also detail:

  • that the opening of an account with Border Bank has been authorised.
  • the number of signatories required to sign any single transaction for any withdrawal or transfer of funds
  • the names and signatories of the office holders and authorised signatories.



Authorised signatories that are not existing Border Bank Members will need to be verified. Please ask them to complete a Membership Application form.

You can return the form and accompanying documents by:

Updating Existing Social Clubs

If you are helping to run an existing social club and would like to make changes such as update the signatories to the account, change the name or open or close accounts, you must download and complete the Change of Signatories or Name for a Social Club form (PDF), and provide minutes of meeting authorising the change.

You can return the form and accompanying documents by:

Terms & Conditions

Border Bank is not obligated to open Social Club account unless is is satisfied that you are a not-for-profit group in the Department of Home Affairs, NSW Police, AFP or Police Community. Social Club accounts are not available for personal, domestic or household use.